Why Use This Tool

  • Think about the lost productivity, wasted money and frustration of choosing the wrong host. Who wants that? This tool was designed to match you up properly, with super targeted search results right from the get go.
  • Search results are unaffected by the size of the web host and their marketing budget doesn't matter. It looks at technology. It looks at service. It looks at fit. It's often the small and medium sized vendors that are much better at delivering service yet they may not have the scale. In the end you need something that suits your specific requirements and preferences. This tool is all about transparency and accuracy. No one can pay their way to the top and there is no advertising or paid listings.
  • Succinct and easy to digest search results. It can be hard to sift through what comes up on other review sites and search engines. There are paid ads, articles, news releases and other content mixed in to distract you from your search. This tool is designed to be all about the search. Nothing else matters.
  • This search engine also goes super in-depth. Yes, it takes a bit more time to go through our search criteria, but it's to your benefit in the end. If you know right down to the smallest detail exactly what you need, the slew of search variables helps you drill down to the web hosts that can get it done.


This Tool Others
Unbiased search results. NO vendor can pay for a higher or more prominent listing. Manipulated rankings
A different way of doing things. No collecting advertising or listing fees.   Search results and displayed content directly linked to advertising spend levels.
In-depth, specific searches. The most relevant results for your needs. Cumbersome, hard to digest results that need plenty of additional, manual research.  
A social component that can't be messed with. Social rankings manipulated by payouts, fraudulent posts and incentivized positive reviews.
Web site is independently owned Might be owned by a web hosting company